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Bibliografie k problematice degradačních procesů papíru, chemicko-fyzikálním analýzám a konzervačním postupům. Názvy článků po rozkliknutí poskytují celý text.

Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Yellowing of Ancient Paper

A new and highly efficient conservation treatment for deacidification and
strengthening of aging paper by in-situ quaternization

A procedure for identifying chemical and biological risks for books in
historic libraries based on microclimate analysis

A combination of techniques to study Chinese traditional Lajian paper

A comparison study of graphene-cyclodextrin conjugates for enhanced
electrochemical performance of tyramine compounds

A chemiluminescence study of madder lakes on paper

A multi-technique approach for detecting and evaluating material
inconsistencies in historical banknotes

A multidisciplinary investigation on a pair of Leonardesque canal
lock gates

A new analytical approach to characterize the effect of γ-ray sterilization on

A new mixture of hydroxypropyl cellulose and nanocellulose for
wood consolidation

A note on Chinese Bamboo paper: The impact of modern
manufacturing processes on its photostability

A safe microbe-based procedure for a gentle removal of aged animal
glues from ancient paper

A stabilizer-free non-polar dispersion for the deacidification of
contemporary art on paper

A study of mechanical properties of papers exposed to various methods

Active and eddy current pulsed thermography to detect surface crack and
defect in historical and archaeological discoveries

Aging of paper - Ultra-fast quantification of 2,5-dihydroxyacetophenone, as
a key chromophore in cellulosics, by reactive paper spray-mass

Alcoholic nanolime dispersion obtained by the
insolubilisation-precipitation method and its application for the
deacidification of ancient paper

Alcoholic deacidification and simultaneous deacidification-reduction
of paper evaluated after artificial and natural aging

Analysis of a royal 15th century illuminated parchment using a
portable XRFeXRD system and micro-invasive techniques

Ancient and modern paper: Study on ageing and degradation process by
means of portable NIR μ-Raman spectroscopy

Antifungal treatment of paper with calcium propionate and parabens:
Short-term and long-term effects

Antifungals on paper conservation: An overview

Application of molecular techniques for identification of fungal

communities colonising paper material

Application of spectroscopic techniques for the study of paper documents: A survey

Artificial aging paper to assess long-term effects of conservative
treatment. Monitoring by infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), X-ray
diffraction (XRD), and energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF)

Assessing stains on historical documents using hyperspectral imaging

Atomic force microscopy characterization of the ageing

of pure cellulose paper

Biginelli reaction on cellulose acetoacetate: a new approach for versatile
cellulose derivatives

Biodegradation of inorganic components in paper documents: Formation of
calcium oxalate crystals as a consequence of Aspergillus terreus Thom growth

Biomimetic system for removal of fungal melanin staining on paper

Calcium hydroxide nanoparticles in hydroalcoholic gelatin solutions
(GeolNan) for the deacidification and strengthening of papers
containing iron gall ink

Cellulose nanofibrils/nanoclay hybrid composite as a paper coating: Effects
of spray time, nanoclay content and corona discharge on barrier and
mechanical properties of the coated papers

Cellulose degradation in newsprint paper ageing

Cellulose nanocrystal-based composite for restoration of lacunae on
damaged documents and artworks on paper

Clotrimazole and calcium hydroxide nanoparticles: A low toxicity
antifungal alternative for paper conservation

Comprehensive characterisation of cellulose- and lignocellulose-

Conservation of acidic papers using a dispersion of oleic
acid-modified MgO nanoparticles in a non-polar solvent

Conservation of ethnographic artefacts: Selective laser ablation of
deposits from doum palm fibers

Conservation of Moroccan manuscript papers aged 150, 200 and
800 years. Analysis by infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), X-ray
diffraction (XRD), and scanning electron microscopy energy dispersive
spectrometry (SEM-EDS)

Conservation of paper relics by electrospun PVDF fiber membranes

Corrigendum to "Quantitative diagnostics of ancient paper using THz
time-domain spectroscopy"

Deacidification of aged papers using dispersion of Ca(OH)2
nanoparticles in subcritical 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (R134a)

Deacidification of paper relics by plasma technology

Deacidification of paper using dispersions of Ca(OH)2
nanoparticles in isopropanol. Study of efficiency

Degradation markers and plasticizer loss of cellulose acetate films
during ageing

Degradation of historical paper: nondestructive analysis by the NMR-MOUSEq

Detection of moulds by volatile organic compounds: Application to heritage conservation

Detection of surface pH of paper using a chitosan-modified silica fluorescent nanosensor

Development of dose-response functions for historic paper degradation using exposure to natural conditions and multivariate regression

Direct and indirect approaches based on paper analysis by Py-GC/MS for estimating the age of documents

Disinfection of ancient paper contaminated with fungi using supercritical carbon dioxide

Doseeresponse functions for historic paper

Eco-friendly approach utilizing green synthesized nanoparticles for paper conservation against microbes involved in biodeterioration of archaeological manuscript

Effect of radiation on disinfection and mechanical properties of Korean traditional paper, Hanji

Effect of retention rate of fluorescent cellulose nanofibrils on paper properties and structure

Effects of γ-ray treatment on paper

 Effects of Asarum sieboldii Miquel extracts on the properties of Koreantraditional paper (Hanji)

Effects of hydrogen sulfide on the mechanical and thermal properties of cellulose insulation paper: A molecular dynamics simulation

Electron beam for preservation of biodeteriorated cultural heritage paper-based objects

Establishing the irradiation dose for paper decontamination

Evaluation of the effects of environmental conditions and preventive

conservation treatment on painting canvases

Evaluation of the volatile organic compound emissions in modern and
naturally aged Japanese paper

Experimental Design for the Investigation of the Environmental
Factors Effects on Organic Materials (Project INVENVORG). The Case of Paper

Femtosecond laser cleaning of historical paper with sizing

FTIR, Raman and XRF identification of the image materials in turn of the 20th century
pigment-based photographs

Fungi: Their role in deterioration of cultural heritage

Gelatine sizing and discoloration: A comparative study of optical
spectra obtained from ancient and artificially aged modern papers

Gellan hydrogel as a powerful tool in paper cleaning process: A detailed

High-resolution, three-dimensional imaging of pigments and support
in paper and textiles

How to estimate cellulose condition in insulation transformers
papers? Combined chromatographic and spectroscopic study

Characterisation of compounds emitted during natural and artificial ageing of a book. Use of headspace-solid-phase microextraction/gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

Chemiluminescence from paper I. Kinetic analysis of thermal oxidation of cellulose